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Organo Grow™

Organo Grow™

Organo Grow™ is the world's first fast-acting, 100% organic, water soluble plant food for the vegetative stage that not only offers the benefits of a standard fertilizer, but goes a step beyond by including vital amino acids, peptides and biostimulants made to enhance the plant's growth and increase the plant's ability to more efficiently uptake nutrients.

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  • The First of It's Kind

    Before Mighty Plant, organic fertilizers didn't feature readily available forms of essential micro-nutrients, & took time to break down into available forms. Now, Organo Grow™ provides readily available forms of NPK.

  • 100% Organic

    Organo Grow™ contains 100% natural micro-nutrients: Nitrogen derived from blood plasma, phosphorus and calcium derived from finely powdered bone meal, and potassium derived directly from The Great Salt Lake.

  • Water Soluble Powder

    Organo Grow™ is a water soluble powder that is extremely versatile in application. This powder can be used in hydroponics, irrigation systems, foliage spray, as a root drench, soil dress & much more!

  • 100% Organic

  • Fast Acting

  • No Fillers

  • Water Soluble

Limitless Application

Organo Grow™ contains a proprietary blend of bio-actives and nutrients that is used as a primary fertilizer for the vegetative stage. The benefits can be applied to all plants during the growth stage to provide thriving results.

  • Indoor Plants

  • Outdoor Plants

  • Fruit Trees

  • Flowers

  • Veggies

250+ Five Star Ratings

100% Organic Recipe

8% Nitrogen (N)

Nitrogen in the form of free amino acids are directly absorbed instead of being manufactured by the plant, saving plant energy for other areas such as flower & cell development.

2%Phosphorus (P)

The Phosphorus in Organic Growth is derived from finely powdered bone meal & plays an essential role in converting the sun's energy into growth & reproduction.

6% Potassium (K)

Organic Growth's 6% Potassium is derived directly from The Great Salt Lake and is important in transporting water, nutrients, & carbohydrates to plant tissue and other parts of the plant.

3% Calcium (Ca)

The calcium within is derived from finely powdered bone meal. Calicum plays an extremely important role in tissue development & is responsible for holding up plant cell walls.

Bacillus Subtillis

Responsible for attacking harmful pathogens, and stimulating the plant's natural resistance & defense.

Bacillus Licheniformis

Significantly increases the overall bio-mass of the plant by enhancing the water use efficiency (WUE)

Bacillus Megaterium

Exponentially expands root system by increasing the number of roots, the length, and overall growth of the roots.

Bacillus Amylolquefacients

These bacteria provide nutrients that are in short supply, and produce chemicals that induce the plant's growth.