At the Mighty Plant our mission is to provide exceptional, high-benefit products to gardeners and horticultural professionals world-wide. Our product developer and founder, David Keen, carries an extensive scientific and business background in horticulture extending over 50 years. In fact, many of the well known horticultural products used today were created by the product developer and founder of our company, Mighty Plant, Inc.

About Mighty Plant

At Mighty Plant, we love and have a strong respect for nature, this is reflected in the organic and natural products we produce. Since Mighty Plant was established we have prided ourselves in delivering only the best products nature has to offer to our consumers. We believe nothing is more enjoyable than hearing our customers say our products have made a good garden better and an excellent garden, superlative.

Meet Our Founder

David Keen, the founder of Mighty Plant, Inc., has over 50 years experience inventing plant foods and supplements for the horticultural market. David is a graduate of the University of Florida with Degrees in Agronomy and graduate studies in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. He has held domestic and international positions in sales, corporate management and product development with multinational companies around the world. He was instrumental in developing the ProGrow Division of O.M. Scott & Sons which later became today’s Miracle Gro Company.

  • Biochemistry

  • Plant Physiology

  • Masters in Agronomy

David possesses a creative mind and a visionary instinct for formulating plant foods matching specific needs of plants. His unique talents coupled with entrepreneurial skills created one of the most successful companies in the Lawn & Garden market with multi-millions in sales and nation-wide distribution.

The love of horticulture and gardening drove David out of retirement to create excitement with organic plant foods marketed by his new company, Mighty Plant, Inc. His first revolutionary invention was an Instant Compost Tea that replaces compost and acts as a bio-stimulant when drenched on plant roots or sprayed on the foliage. Others are powerful Biologicals and water soluble Organic Plant Foods loved by gardeners for their purity and performance. Based on past experience, one can definitely expect to see more exciting products from Mighty Plant, Inc.