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It’s not often a new category for the Independent Garden Center appears. Our INSTANT COMPOST TEA is the world’s first of its kind and has caught the attention of cultivators and gardeners everywhere. It has the power to supplement or replace traditional compost. Simply add water, stir, and it’s ready to go to work. Customers have praised the convenience of using a concentrated water soluble powder and getting great results without having to deal with heavy bags of traditional compost.

It will fly off the shelf with this easy statement: Instant Compost Tea is the essence of rich compost, concentrated into a sanitary, easy to use water soluble powder....just 5 ounces makes up to 50 gallons of compost tea and 1 pound, up to 160 gallons. Great for use on house plants or garden. It’s a powerful product sure to bring satisfaction and repeat sales from your customers.

Instant Compost Tea


Replace time, labor and expense with Mighty Plant Instant Compost
Tea, the essence of rich compost in a water soluble powderfortified with microbes and amino acids that are converted into powerful bio nutrients, resulting in nutrient driven yields for gardens and creating beautiful landscapes.

Just 5 ounces makes up to 50 gallons of bio-rich compost tea used
with routine watering of house plants or in the garden. Plants respond with increased rooting, stem and canopy growth, increased flowering and large, flavorful fruit….every benefit you would expect from traditional compost but without the labor and exasperation.

Simply mix it with water and it’s ready to use. No brewing is ever needed, saving time, labor & expense. It can be used as a foliar spray or root drench in all stages of plant growth from seedlings up to harvest.


We look forward to a great season and will continue to earn your business.