Our innovative INSTANT COMPOST TEA, a first in the Independent Garden Center category, has been embraced by gardeners and cultivators as a groundbreaking alternative to traditional compost. Garnering over 250+ 5-star reviews, this product stands out for its concentrated, water-soluble powder formula that quickly transforms into effective compost tea with just a stir and water, eliminating the need for cumbersome bags. Remarkably efficient, just 5 ounces can produce up to 50 gallons, and 1 pound up to 160 gallons, making it ideal for house plants and gardens. Its ease of use, combined with powerful results, ensures customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

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Replace time, labor and expense with Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea, the essence of rich compost in a water soluble powder fortified with microbes and amino acids that are converted into powerful bio-nutrients, resulting in nutrient driven yields for gardens and creating beautiful landscapes.

Just 5 ounces makes up to 50 gallons of bio-rich compost tea used with routine watering of house plants or in the garden.  Plants respond with increased rooting, stem and canopy growth, increased flowering and large, flavorful fruit‚Ķ.every benefit you would expect from traditional compost but without the labor and exasperation.

Simply mix it with water and it‚Äôs ready to use. No brewing is ever needed, saving time, labor & expense.  It can be used as a foliar spray or root drench in all stages of plant growth from seedlings up to harvest.

Pkg. SizeCase PackSpring Sale Case CostSpring Sale Cost EachRegular Case CostRegular Cost EachMSRP
5 oz12$97.20$8.10$108.00$18.00$18.00
1 lb6$121.50$20.25$135.00$45.00$45.00
5 lb1$90.00$90.00
20 lb1$342.00$342.00$380.00$380.00$760.00

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A low cost impulse item to encourage customers to try Instant Compost Tea. Each  display box holds 50 packs each containing 10 grams of water soluble Instant Compost Tea for making a 1 gallon solution. Once customers  experience the results they will be back to buy the larger sizes. 

Situated near the check-out counter, these will go like hot cakes and get multiple  repeat sales of Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea.

DescriptionPkg. SizeCase PackSpring Sale Case CostSpring Sale Cost EachRegular Case CostRegular Cost EachMSRP
Counter Display Box 10 g50
Refill for Display Box 10 g50

Questions? Call (440) 396-4235 or email sales@mighty-plant.com

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